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Company Profile

Founded in 2001 in Germany, Opticproject is already well known as a service partner for the optical industry in Europe. Not only with standard products but also with customised solutions as well as customised service processes.

As part of Opticproject`s strategy to service spectacle lens companies in Europe a lens distribution centre was opened up in 2005, based in the Czech Republic.

The major advantage of this is to combine the benefits of worldwide manufacturing with European quality control and service competence.

Our products are well selected to meet the demand of our customers and our manufacturing partners are fully committed to the international quality standards.

Located in the centre of Europe, the Opticproject distribution centre is ideal for daily service as well as for bulk shipments with a very reasonable cost base.

To support customers within today's highly competitive business environment, short term and efficient delivery of the major stock products is the main goal.

To achieve this target we have based our complete order processing system on an internet platform. This means that our customers place their orders 24hours/7days a week.

An auto-response function confirms for each order the available quantities within a few minutes by e-mail. The complete process works paperless.

A small but highly efficient multilingual team in Germany and in the Czech Republic supports the needs of our customers all over Europe.

Thomas   Sikora
Thomas Sikora
"We see our customers allways as long term partners"